Too Much Wasted Time

As I think back on this last month, I realize I wasted a lot of time. I’ll be honest, I log onto Facebook every day. Once I get home from school, I open up my back pack, pull out my homework, and log onto Facebook. It just seems natural. For me its Facebook, but for you maybe its TV, magazines, your iPod, YouTube, or maybe just sitting around and thinking about how you are not doing anything (if this last one is you, check out this

I recently obtained a large amount of books, good books. I have a desire to read several of these books right now as I right this blog. By reading these books, most likely my knowledge and love for God and for people will increase. Instead, I often turn to the computer instead of reading these books. 

This might not be the most sophisticated and coherent blog you’ve ever read, but that’s not my goal in writing this. My goal is this: That you would evaluate how you spend your time, and consider if you are spending it in the most valuable and beneficial way possible. If you are like me, and waste a lot of time, change. Your time is limited and so precious. Do not waste it on pointless entertainment.

If you will excuse me now, I am going to go read one of those books.


Here’s a link to a blog that speaks of TV jobs:


Peace out