live. laugh. love. = what God wants for us

live, laugh, love is a pretty common catch phrase of today. Those kinds of things usually really bug me, but once i thought about it, it actually has some depth to it.

This poem sums up the idea of those three things are what you need in life. I fill in the blank of love to mean loving God, but most people probably don’t. The “live” means to live your life to the fullest. Of course this doesn’t mean going crazy partying it up or whatever, but instead enjoying the things in life that God has blessed you with. “Laugh” meaning… well laugh. Its good for you in every way. God has given Christians the ability to be completely happy and content in Him, and He commands us to be joyful always. So why not live, laugh, love?


Happiness By The Kilowatt

Happiness By The Kilowatt is a song done by City and Colour.  They write all their songs from their heart and they put every effort forth to make a great song and great lyrics.  This song in particular is my favorite though.  In this song they talk about how the days are wasted and are asking if this was the right choice and if this is what they hoped for.  Basically what this song says to me is that are we living our lives for the right purpose or not?  We have choices and those choices effect us, and make us.  I mean in the world that we live in today there is so much going on and most of the time were confuzed and we have no idea what were doing.  It could all just be a dream?  We just need to wake up and make choices, cause if we dont well be lost forever.

Doing Something You Love vs. Just Having A Job

In life there are many twists and turns and dead ends. Once you get old enough you usually get a job. As a kid you have a job just to get some money in your pocket, but have you ever thought of what your going to do with the rest of your life? If you just have a desk job or work behind a counter for the rest of your life your gona miss out on a lot of things. But if you pursue something you love or at least pick something you enjoy you will be much happier in the long run. Example: I would rather pursue my dreams of becoming a professional paintballer who only makes like 25,000 a year and then also work a side job than living the rest of my life behind a desk knowing that all those oppertunities and dreams i had when i was younger are now faded.

When you just have a job its your job, thats it. But when you have a career in something you have a passion with it really is your life and your dreams being lived out. If there is something you want to try for, even if you only have a one in a millionth chance, I would go for it. Cause you miss 100% of the things you dont try for.

This is why I would rather live life and live out my dreams cause thats what makes me happy. Thats what america was founded on, the pursuit of happiness and the freedom to try things and even though you might fail, get up and try again!

Money Can Bring Happiness, And Yes I Did Just Say That

This is true but not in the way most people would think about it. If you use your money for other people you will be much happier. Studies have been done and people that spend their money on kids, taking freinds out to eat, or giving it to a charity end up much happier at the end of the day then those who spent the money on themselves. The reason most people dont spend any money on charities or anything like that is because they dont think that giving away their money will make them happy. They beleive that by pleasuring themselves with the “joys” of technology or that frappichino from starbucks will make them that much happier.

And yes, sometimes spending money on yourself makes you happy cause its something that you really wanted. Like maybe its something that your really passionate about. But try to spend some money on those that need it. A young boy who lost his parents in a car accident or that war veteran thats out on the streets cause his wife left him when he came back. Think of how much even $5 would brighten their day or that new talking elmo toy. Maybe if our society would open their minds to new ideas like this our world might just turn out to be a better place.