My Gripe With the Jonas Brothers.

Oh the Jonas Brothers. Everyone’s heard of the Jonas Brothers. If you haven’t, you’ve been living under a boulder in Antarctica. Their great success is due to partly to Disney’s insane, ridiculous marketing  and their infectious hooks and choruses. You’re also either a Jonas hater or Jonas lover. That’s how it goes. A great majority of 15 year old and under girls are raving mad and hold a disturbing, almost religious obsession for the brothers. Many websites and blogs have been created to follow the JoBros and their life, documenting even their clothes. If you hadn’t already guessed from the title of this post, I don’t like the Jonas Brothers.

Now I don’t have any particular beef with Disney. I grew up with watching those classic Disney movies. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the lovable Goofy are all heroes in my book. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Snow White will always be held close to me.

No. The reason why I dislike the Jonas Brothers is this: their music, like all Disney music before them (and most likely after them) mean absolutely nothing.

Now the Jonas Brothers claim to be Christians. Yet none of the lyrics proclaim Christ or talk about God for that matter! Every piece of writing that the Jonas Brothers have put forward are all about girls and how they feel about that certain girls. They mix together drum beats, guitar strumming, and the distinctive Jonas “wail” and combine it with half-hearted written lyrics that mean absolutely nothing at all.

Simply, I believe that if you call yourself a Christian, your love for Jesus must manifest itself in some form. The three brothers have not done this yet. Yes they are pristine and clean. Yes they wear purity rings and vow to stay pure until marriage. Yet, are there not moral nonbelievers?I also hold this same view with bands that have Christians in them, such as Switchfoot.

I am told that they have written Christian songs. I have been informed that they are coming. So my question is: What are they waiting for? I understand that they may have needed some time to get famous and popular. But now the fans have come, the money is pouring in, and the ears are open. The three brothers have a great opportunity to spread the message of Christ’s love and salvation to Hollywood. Those fans that read this post will most likely stamp me with the red label as HATER. Yet, it is my conviction to add this and this goes way deeper than the Jonas Brothers, as already stated.

So bring it on Nick, Kevin, and Joe. There are souls waiting to be won.

P.S. I anticipate the hate mail.