Every Tuesday night at 8:00 on Channel 2 (CBS) is one of my favorite television shows: NCIS. Agent Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ziva, and McGee try to solve mysterious deaths of fallen navy officers. With a forensic team of Doctor Mallard and Abbie no case is too difficult to solve. The team has been from aircraft carriers, to submarines, to even empty warehouses to discover the truth behind commited crimes. This captivating show will leave you guessing until the end, when an unsuspecting killer is discovered. It is a thrill that never gets old and keeps you wanting more, all the way through next week’s previews.


Employee Of The Month

This movie is talking about how a guy is trying to get with a girl by improving his work status.  Zack Bradley (played by Dane Cook) goes through a series of obstacles to gain her affection. The movies shows how the male thinking is predominently about women.  The thoughts that go into their heads just to get a girl.  As if they are playing a game and the girl is the prize.  Women do not like to be seen as objects.  Although the movie is comedic it sends the wrong message to men everywhere.

Fight Club

This is a controversial movie that came out quite a few years ago. You have people with views on both sides of the spectrum. Some people believe this movie is filth and is full of coarse language and sex. They are correct. Others view this as a cinematic masterpiece which is full of detail in the story, and great action. They are also correct. Both sides are equally right. This is a movie full of sex and cussing, it is true. To a degree, the sex was needed for character development. It wasn’t sex for the sake of sex, but some may argue me on that. I do not agree, however, with the detail shown of these things. Alas, this is not my argument. My argument leans more towards the second of our two groups. The attention to detail in the storyline so that the end matches the beginning is uncanny. The story as a whole has such a great twist, I compare it to that of Sixth Sense. Fight Club has its faults, mainly the cussing and some choice scenes, but overall the movie was an amazing work of great minds fit with the perfect actors for the job. Its themes and messages are to teach the generation lessons, whether they are beneficial or not. It is full of amazing arguments that boost people to think about what they are watching, and if there is any truth behind it.

Radiohead – Videotape

One small, overlooked song on Radiohead’s new album In Rainbows is an amazing piece of art. The lyrics are few, yet many. The singer, Thom Yorke, tells of a story of a man who has just died. This is seen in the lyrics “When I am at the pearly gates.” He is talking about looking back on his life, he has it all on videotape. Mephistopheles is Lucifer, and he is just below trying to grab this man down from the gates of heaven.  The words are beautiful, Thom Yorke does not simply say what he means, he uses different terms to get his point across. Not only does he use Mephistopheles instead of Satan, he says “red blue green” which is RGB or a color set for electronic devices. He is referring to his videotapes, but uses clever language to say it. The rest of the song talks about the peace he finds in death. He is not afraid, he is at peace with himself. This song definitely has some spiritual overtones, but is not in any way Christian although it can be taken that way.

When I’m at the pearly gates
This’ll be on my videotape
my videotape

When Mephistopheles is just beneath
And he’s reaching up to grab me

This is one for the good days
And I have it all here
In red blue green
Red blue green

You are my centre when I spin away
Out of control on videotape
On videotape

This is my way of saying goodbye
Because I can’t do it face to face

No matter what happens now
I won’t be afraid
Because I know today has been the most perfect day I’ve ever seen.

Crank That

I spent a lot of time trying to analyze deeper meanings in The song “Crank That” by Soulja Boy Tellem, but I couldn’t possibly find anything. The song consists of a few  repeated sayings like ” Crank That soulja boy” with a few people in the background yelling “YOU” at me every five seconds. The rest of the song consists of stereotypical rap lyrics that have no substance. The song goes hand in hand with a dance though, so that is probably why it is so popular. The song also has a few sexual references which makes it even worse to listen to.


Every Thursday night at 8:00 on Channel 5 (CW) one of my favorite television shows is on: Smallville. It is a show about the coming to manhood of the comic book legend Clark Kent, otherwise known as Superman. For the past 8 years I’ve been watching this shows seeing this high school freshman, Clark Kent, turn into a reporter at The Daily Planet.  While Clark is unlike the rest of us in his superpowers such as super-speed, super-strength, super-hearing, x-ray vision, heat vision, and simply human invincibility, he constantly faces struggles similar to ours. With these powers he saves lives, fights bad guys, and always does the right thing. But there is only so much he can do. Loved ones still die, friends still become enemies, and things or people he holds close to his heart still change all around him. Even the man of steel has a hard time dealing with emotional pain. No matter how strong we are, or what we can do, everyone will suffer at one point. Though kryptonite may be his only weakness, I think Clark most definitely has another one, just like the rest of us: his heart.


Reality TV shows are a funny thing. They take ordinary people and make them into stars. American Idol has given seven people, soon to be eight, record deals, and they would have never even been discovered if it weren’t for this show. The Biggest Loser also gives people the chance of a lifetime – be on TV and loose weight. All of these shows harm no one and are good entertainment, but there is one to bother me quite a bit. America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks seems to have the power to make one of these girls a super model. She has power over these once nobodys, who are now faces known by millions across America. Not only does she have the final word over who stays and who goes home, but she also has the power to do whatever she pleases to these girls. Yes, I admit to watching it, but the last episode I saw really disturbed me. Tyra got to give makeovers to the girls, and she got to decide who was getting all their haircut and who got to keep theirs. Some girls got very emotional over losing their hair, all just to stay in this competition. And if I might add, a competition that is based solely on the outer appearance of a woman and how well they can take a photograph. This show is degrading and makes women all across America feel like in order to be beautiful they have to look like these starved women. To Tyra, the girl who is just what you and me would consider an average size woman to be a “plus-size” model. I feel that this show would be much better off if they added another aspect to the competition to see who is the most beautiful model on the inside as well, and not just the outside. Then, they would truly be model – a role model and a runway model.