Too Much Wasted Time

As I think back on this last month, I realize I wasted a lot of time. I’ll be honest, I log onto Facebook every day. Once I get home from school, I open up my back pack, pull out my homework, and log onto Facebook. It just seems natural. For me its Facebook, but for you maybe its TV, magazines, your iPod, YouTube, or maybe just sitting around and thinking about how you are not doing anything (if this last one is you, check out this

I recently obtained a large amount of books, good books. I have a desire to read several of these books right now as I right this blog. By reading these books, most likely my knowledge and love for God and for people will increase. Instead, I often turn to the computer instead of reading these books. 

This might not be the most sophisticated and coherent blog you’ve ever read, but that’s not my goal in writing this. My goal is this: That you would evaluate how you spend your time, and consider if you are spending it in the most valuable and beneficial way possible. If you are like me, and waste a lot of time, change. Your time is limited and so precious. Do not waste it on pointless entertainment.

If you will excuse me now, I am going to go read one of those books.


Here’s a link to a blog that speaks of TV jobs:


Peace out


My Gripe With the Jonas Brothers.

Oh the Jonas Brothers. Everyone’s heard of the Jonas Brothers. If you haven’t, you’ve been living under a boulder in Antarctica. Their great success is due to partly to Disney’s insane, ridiculous marketing  and their infectious hooks and choruses. You’re also either a Jonas hater or Jonas lover. That’s how it goes. A great majority of 15 year old and under girls are raving mad and hold a disturbing, almost religious obsession for the brothers. Many websites and blogs have been created to follow the JoBros and their life, documenting even their clothes. If you hadn’t already guessed from the title of this post, I don’t like the Jonas Brothers.

Now I don’t have any particular beef with Disney. I grew up with watching those classic Disney movies. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the lovable Goofy are all heroes in my book. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Snow White will always be held close to me.

No. The reason why I dislike the Jonas Brothers is this: their music, like all Disney music before them (and most likely after them) mean absolutely nothing.

Now the Jonas Brothers claim to be Christians. Yet none of the lyrics proclaim Christ or talk about God for that matter! Every piece of writing that the Jonas Brothers have put forward are all about girls and how they feel about that certain girls. They mix together drum beats, guitar strumming, and the distinctive Jonas “wail” and combine it with half-hearted written lyrics that mean absolutely nothing at all.

Simply, I believe that if you call yourself a Christian, your love for Jesus must manifest itself in some form. The three brothers have not done this yet. Yes they are pristine and clean. Yes they wear purity rings and vow to stay pure until marriage. Yet, are there not moral nonbelievers?I also hold this same view with bands that have Christians in them, such as Switchfoot.

I am told that they have written Christian songs. I have been informed that they are coming. So my question is: What are they waiting for? I understand that they may have needed some time to get famous and popular. But now the fans have come, the money is pouring in, and the ears are open. The three brothers have a great opportunity to spread the message of Christ’s love and salvation to Hollywood. Those fans that read this post will most likely stamp me with the red label as HATER. Yet, it is my conviction to add this and this goes way deeper than the Jonas Brothers, as already stated.

So bring it on Nick, Kevin, and Joe. There are souls waiting to be won.

P.S. I anticipate the hate mail.


Every Tuesday night at 8:00 on Channel 2 (CBS) is one of my favorite television shows: NCIS. Agent Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ziva, and McGee try to solve mysterious deaths of fallen navy officers. With a forensic team of Doctor Mallard and Abbie no case is too difficult to solve. The team has been from aircraft carriers, to submarines, to even empty warehouses to discover the truth behind commited crimes. This captivating show will leave you guessing until the end, when an unsuspecting killer is discovered. It is a thrill that never gets old and keeps you wanting more, all the way through next week’s previews.

Employee Of The Month

This movie is talking about how a guy is trying to get with a girl by improving his work status.  Zack Bradley (played by Dane Cook) goes through a series of obstacles to gain her affection. The movies shows how the male thinking is predominently about women.  The thoughts that go into their heads just to get a girl.  As if they are playing a game and the girl is the prize.  Women do not like to be seen as objects.  Although the movie is comedic it sends the wrong message to men everywhere.


Reality TV shows are a funny thing. They take ordinary people and make them into stars. American Idol has given seven people, soon to be eight, record deals, and they would have never even been discovered if it weren’t for this show. The Biggest Loser also gives people the chance of a lifetime – be on TV and loose weight. All of these shows harm no one and are good entertainment, but there is one to bother me quite a bit. America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks seems to have the power to make one of these girls a super model. She has power over these once nobodys, who are now faces known by millions across America. Not only does she have the final word over who stays and who goes home, but she also has the power to do whatever she pleases to these girls. Yes, I admit to watching it, but the last episode I saw really disturbed me. Tyra got to give makeovers to the girls, and she got to decide who was getting all their haircut and who got to keep theirs. Some girls got very emotional over losing their hair, all just to stay in this competition. And if I might add, a competition that is based solely on the outer appearance of a woman and how well they can take a photograph. This show is degrading and makes women all across America feel like in order to be beautiful they have to look like these starved women. To Tyra, the girl who is just what you and me would consider an average size woman to be a “plus-size” model. I feel that this show would be much better off if they added another aspect to the competition to see who is the most beautiful model on the inside as well, and not just the outside. Then, they would truly be model – a role model and a runway model.


Im not sure if you have seen the movie braveheart but it is probably one of my favorite movies. Its about this little band of scottish people who take on the english in an effort to receive freedom and live in peace. The reason this movie was so great for me is the fact that no matter what these men knew what they were fighting for. Their families, their towns, and even their goats. But they all fought for one thing harmoniously. Freedom.  They all had a passion for what they desired and they went for it. Whether it be their life or their families lives.  One of my favorite lines is this. “We all end up dead. Its just a question of how and why.” What they are willing to die for is freedom. But us and in us i mean the US we dont understand how many people sacrificed their lives every day for us to get the freedom that we have. In a society like ours everyone gets lost in translation and we dont even understand how much it cost for that freedom.

new hit by all american rejects is very immoral.

Just recently, a band with a  very successful past released a new hit called “gives you hell.” This song really makes me think twice about liking this band. The lyrics in it are very immoral. They are basically sending a message that they hope they give people hell when they see them. That is a horrible message to send to people, and I used to really like this band, but now after this song was released and I heard it, it made me stop listening to all of their music.