Burnin’ Up the Charts

They’ve won an American Music Award for Breakout Artist of the Year. They’ve won two MTV Video Music Awards for Video of the Year and Best Pop Video. And they’ve been nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist. They’ve been on two sold-out headlining tours, and gotten to play with musical greats such as Stevie Wonder. Yet, people still don’t take them seriously. They are still not taken seriously in the musical industry, and people just consider them a sound created by Disney. Yet, they write all their own songs and play all their own instruments. Just because thousands of young girls across America love them because of their looks as well as their music doesn’t discredit their musical talent. Their lyrics are real and heartfelt, and their sound is their own. Not Disney’s. Yes, they got their start from Disney, and I’m sure they will always be grateful, but it shouldn’t define them as musical artists. They have accomplished more than most artists, and the Jonas Brothers continue to succeed in the musical industry regardless of what any haters have to say.



  1. Hi there!..thanks for linking our post, but I found the line that you linked us with curious because we at our blog most definitely take them very very seriously! 🙂

    Anyway, totally agree with the post.

  2. Sorry about that! I meant it as you also disagreed with people who didn’t take the Jonas Brothers seriously. And thank you :]

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