Fight Club

This is a controversial movie that came out quite a few years ago. You have people with views on both sides of the spectrum. Some people believe this movie is filth and is full of coarse language and sex. They are correct. Others view this as a cinematic masterpiece which is full of detail in the story, and great action. They are also correct. Both sides are equally right. This is a movie full of sex and cussing, it is true. To a degree, the sex was needed for character development. It wasn’t sex for the sake of sex, but some may argue me on that. I do not agree, however, with the detail shown of these things. Alas, this is not my argument. My argument leans more towards the second of our two groups. The attention to detail in the storyline so that the end matches the beginning is uncanny. The story as a whole has such a great twist, I compare it to that of Sixth Sense. Fight Club has its faults, mainly the cussing and some choice scenes, but overall the movie was an amazing work of great minds fit with the perfect actors for the job. Its themes and messages are to teach the generation lessons, whether they are beneficial or not. It is full of amazing arguments that boost people to think about what they are watching, and if there is any truth behind it.


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