Im not sure if you have seen the movie braveheart but it is probably one of my favorite movies. Its about this little band of scottish people who take on the english in an effort to receive freedom and live in peace. The reason this movie was so great for me is the fact that no matter what these men knew what they were fighting for. Their families, their towns, and even their goats. But they all fought for one thing harmoniously. Freedom.  They all had a passion for what they desired and they went for it. Whether it be their life or their families lives.  One of my favorite lines is this. “We all end up dead. Its just a question of how and why.” What they are willing to die for is freedom. But us and in us i mean the US we dont understand how many people sacrificed their lives every day for us to get the freedom that we have. In a society like ours everyone gets lost in translation and we dont even understand how much it cost for that freedom.


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