Reality TV shows are a funny thing. They take ordinary people and make them into stars. American Idol has given seven people, soon to be eight, record deals, and they would have never even been discovered if it weren’t for this show. The Biggest Loser also gives people the chance of a lifetime – be on TV and loose weight. All of these shows harm no one and are good entertainment, but there is one to bother me quite a bit. America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks seems to have the power to make one of these girls a super model. She has power over these once nobodys, who are now faces known by millions across America. Not only does she have the final word over who stays and who goes home, but she also has the power to do whatever she pleases to these girls. Yes, I admit to watching it, but the last episode I saw really disturbed me. Tyra got to give makeovers to the girls, and she got to decide who was getting all their haircut and who got to keep theirs. Some girls got very emotional over losing their hair, all just to stay in this competition. And if I might add, a competition that is based solely on the outer appearance of a woman and how well they can take a photograph. This show is degrading and makes women all across America feel like in order to be beautiful they have to look like these starved women. To Tyra, the girl who is just what you and me would consider an average size woman to be a “plus-size” model. I feel that this show would be much better off if they added another aspect to the competition to see who is the most beautiful model on the inside as well, and not just the outside. Then, they would truly be model – a role model and a runway model.


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