You found me

I was listening to the radio the other day and this really amazing song came on by the Fray. I don’t really care for the lead singer’s voice, but for some reason this song really struck me. I went home and looked up the lyrics and realized that it was actually about God.

The song starts out depressing, talking about an angry, sad man whose wife died. The man asks God where He’s been when he needed Him. The song says that God found him too late after his wife was gone. Many people feel the same way as the man in the song: God isn’t around when life gets hard, and that you get lost in whatever else God is doing.

Fortunately, God is always there. In the worst and best of times, He always knows what is happening to you and cares for you deeply. Unfortunately, we are often blinded by our sadness and anger to see God’s greater plan for us. It is not that God wants to see us broken and sad, but that He works through those things for His glory.


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  1. I absolutely love this song by the Fray; its on my ipod and just saying or reading the words “You Found Me” automatically makes the song start playing in my head. The concept of the song and the lyrics are capturing and easy to follow. The Fray is an amazing band, I’ve been to their concert and it seems that they have so much to offer. This song probably hit home for many people in what they are singing about.

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