Wall-e. Come on, it’s a movie to be seen. It’s unique because the first hour of it has no dialogue–just Wall-e making random noises. That was kind of frustrating to me at first, but then I learned to enjoy it because I began to use my imagination more since it provoked me to actually use my brain while watching a screen. In summary, the movie is about a robot (Wall-e) left on planet earth to clean up the mess that the humans, who now live on some giant space craft, left behind. The robot Eve is sent to earth to find life so that the humans may once again inhabit the planet. Wall-e ends up falling in love with Eve, and in the end Eve falls in love with Wall-e. I think this movie has two things to say. First, our future is futile. It’s hilarious (but realistic…) to see how fat the humans on the space craft are. Everything is done for them with the push of a button, literally. They abide on floating chairs and truly have no life. This shows how society is learning to depend so much on technology that we lose our own skills of..well anything really. Ha, I’d say if we (well atleast America) doesn’t begin to get in shape and quit eating fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we might as well get on a space craft like the one in the movie now. The second thing the movie has to say is a little message about love. Truly, this movie will put butterflies in the hearts of love-stricken teenage girls. Sure, boys too. When Eve finds a live plant on earth, she puts it in a pod and shuts down. Wall-e is devasted but doesn’t lose hope. He continues to show her the things he is passionate about on his little dusty patch of land. He takes care of her and treats her as if she was aware of exactly what was going on, even though he knew she’d never know. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should. It is rather cute.


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