The show that is on at 9 o’clock on thursday nights is  called Supernatural. This show has two main characters, Dean and Sam. Dean has been to hell and an angel grabbed him out. Sam has demon blood  in him and has Supernatural powers. Their job in the movie this season is to stop the seals from being broken. If these seals are broken it means it will be the end of the world. So Dean and Sam go around fighting off demons, ghosts, werewolves, and etc. This show gives an interesting twist on God and Satan. It shows that God uses all people to make things happen but it also shows that demons can be powerful. It brings up and interesting question can God take you out of hell? I do not think so personally because hell is a place where you are away from God for all eternity. The show also shows us how demons can take over bodies and bend the truth to trick us. This brings up and interesting question. If demons and satan spend all this time trying to tempt us can we lose our salvation? Why would they try and tempt us if we could not lose our salvation? Why would we have to be ready to fight off Satan if it did not matter what he said we cannot lose what we have been given?


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