Noah’s Arc

Some time ago, my friend gave me a DVD. The DVD was titled “Noah’s Arc.” I quickly realized it was a surf film. This is what got me to watch the film originally. After watching for a few short moments, I realized this film was more than just surfing. It explained how one man, Noah Snyder, and his group of friends came to know Jesus Christ. The surfing is decent, but my interest was gained by the story. I love hearing how God works in people’s lives. 

Noah Snyder had everything the world had to offer. He was a professional surfer, he had a reputation, and he partied. For most non-believers, this is considered a good life. For Noah, it was not. He wanted more. He found what he was looking for in Jesus Christ. After going to a church service, he realized that he had been living his life for himself. He repented from his past life, and embraced Christ as his Saviour. God quickly changed his heart, which changed his life. Noah became excited about the Gospel and shared the Good News with his friends. Some of his friends accepted it immediately, others listened with skepticism. After time though, the Gospel had radically changed this group’s lives… for the better. 

The Gospel has the power to change lives. It doesn’t just change your life for a month or a year, it permanently changes your life. When you realize the beauty of Salvation, you give your life over to Jesus Christ. 

I recommend this surf film to those who enjoy surfing and hearing of their God’s saving grace. I do no believe this film delivers the Gospel in the most clear way, but atleast it does make an effort.


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