A Flawless Performance

The movie Fight Club is probably the most underated movies of the 20th Century. It is epic. It is incredible. It is, dare I say, flawless. Not saying that all of the philosophies (or suggestive content) in the movie were flawless, but when it comes down to it, the story, the acting, and the message, I would say it was flawless as it reached creative perfection .

[Somewhat Spoiler Warning]

It is about an unnamed insomniatic  man who is dissatisfied with his life, and goes to support groups for people with diseases and addictions to make him feel better about his life. Although this works in making him feel better, he soon finds something better. A club he and Tyler Durden start together; a Fight Club. Guys come together and fight each other to forget about their sucky daily lives. However, things get out of hand when an unexpected twist and a terrorist plot begin to take place.

One of the  main characters, Tyler Durden, is FULL of  ridiculous quirky sayings, but that is what makes him Tyler Durden. Tyler Durden, the best movie character in the history of movie characters. Tyler Durden, the man who walked the fine line between Genius and Insanity. Tyler Durden, the finest example of character development . .ever. 

Ever heard the saying “The things you own, end up owning you”? Yup, thats right, it was originally said by Tyler Durden. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Tyler believed that we all were victims to our possessions, and in a semi-communist manner, wanted to rid everyone of everthing they had, in order to put everyone on an equal plane; To “achieve economic equilibrium”. 

Durden’s actions, however, were more “John Brown”, than they were “Martin Luther King Jr.”. Tyler Durden had a large terrorist following and he was not afraid to use his men to achieve his goals. Although a great mind, Durden was still helplessly misleaded in his beliefs. 

Not only was Durden’s character incredible, but the delivery was equally impressive. Brad Pitt’s performance as Durden was outstanding. Not many actors could say much of the cooky things that Tyler says and make it look believable. Edward Norton in the movie played the unnamed character. His performance was just as impressive. As an insomniac, he had to somehow be able to how his weariness while showing energy in fighting. He exhibited his character’s need for some kind of high incredibly well. Whether he was receiving that from the fighting or from the support groups, Norton did an exceptional job at portraying his characters addiction to indulging in things that made him forget about his life.


I say the movie was underrated because its success in theaters was mediocre, at best. The movie did terribly on the big screen and it wasn’t until a few years after the DVD release that it began to become such a hit. Although not as rapidly as in the movie, Fight clubs really did start to spring up in real life. It became a short lived cultural phenomenon, which led to the rapid sales of the DVD, and its eventual success.

Overall, I believe that the message of this movie deep down was that we shouldn’t allow our possessions to take hold of us, although they took it a little farther in the movie. As far as who should watch it, I do not recommend it for people who do not like violence (read the title of the movie), and also do not recommend it to younger viewers because of the language, and the short, but graphic love scene.


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