On Crossing Our Bridges

In their new album Appeal to Reason, Rise Against writes a new song that may have some deeper meaning to it than most would expect. This popular group is well-liked for their deep lyrics, but in this song the Strength to Go On, it completely surprises me. The usual Rise Against song may contain some explicit language (at least in their older works) but in this song there appears to be a good message all can relate to.

Let us cry
Let us be
Let us open up our hearts
Without fear of anything

Faith alone
Is all we need
To traverse this burning bridge
Now before it gets too late
You said. its fine

But the heart reveals
What smiles betray
Your sad sad eyes gave you away

To fight our struggles we must have strong faith before it becomes too late. This part of the lyrics in this song talk about crossing a burning bridge by faith (courage) before it’s too late and burnt up. In the Christian walk this analogy is picture-perfect. We must have our strong faith, and fight our sin (cross our burning bridges) before our lives are over and it’s too late. 

And just as sometimes we may be embarrassed about our struggles in life, this song also speaks out to that. Sometimes we tell ourselves that our sins are okay or we put them off to a later time, but inside our hearts we know it’s wrong. Just because we can smile and say everything is okay to the world around us, it clearly is not. So don’t lie to the world about your sins or your morals. And don’t lie to yourself about them either. Eyes really do give away the intentions of the heart; we see it all the time.

Open up your heart and cross your burning bridges. When your life is over, feel accomplished that you’re standing on the other side. Don’t be telling yourself you wish you would’ve moved.

Don’t let your struggles get the best of you.


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