Cherry Chapstick

I find it extremely hard to believe that this song was #1 on the charts for so long this previous summer. The first time I had heard it, I was a little surprised. When I found out it was so popular, I was even a little shocked. But then I thought about it, and I realized that it was actually a reflection of our society and how it is morally rotting away to the point where girls are singing about kissing other girls and liking it. Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed A Girl” shows how ethics are no longer a valuable trait, and people don’t mind casually singing about being lesbians. Is this what we want to teach our children? If songs like these are being played all across the radio, they are bound to hear it. Are these the values we want to be thrusting upon the future of our society? How can people claim to be Christians and enjoy listening to this song, buy it, and support homosexuality? According to the CIA Fact book, 76.8% of Americans claim to be Christians. So how could this song have reached number one with supposedly only 23.2% of Americans buying it? This troubles me and makes me pray for believers out there, hoping that they will stand for what they believe, starting with choosing wisely what music they decide to download and listen to.


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