Someone want to explain it to us guys?

As I’m sure you all know, there is a new craze that has hit America: Twilight. It seems almost everywhere i go, i see something that relates to Twilight. Whether its t-shirts, movie posters, backpacks, jewlery, or the books themselves, Twilight has taken a hold in the heart of society. Now here’s my question: why? At my school, i have questioned many girls as to why this series is as addicting as it’s made out to be. i usually get told that i would have to read it to understand how incredible it is. But from my understanding, it was written for female readers. i understand that men do read this series as well, but only “hard-core” male readers would dare to do so. I have a basic understanding as to the story line and the themes involved in Twilight, and i have to say it really disturbes me. In one of the books, the second or the third, suicide is a major theme, and in one of the later books, there are sexual themes portrayed throughout the book. I have heard multiple complaints from guys saying that Twilight puts ideas in the female mind of the perfect man that no normal human being can fulfill. From my point of view, Twilight is almost taking too great a hold of our society.


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