Why Radiohead is Amazing…

Radiohead is a band that started off small. They became famous after they released their album Pablo Honey. The song that lead them to fame was Creep. From here, Radiohead sky rocketed in their popularity. What qualifies a band with the status of “amazing” is much, much more than fame itself. Radiohead showed class in how they carried their fame. It came about that their fans were only going to their concerts to hear their most famous song, Creep. So the band decided to stop playing Creep at their shows. They didn’t want to be known just for their one song when they had so many other great songs. It was a bold move, that could have cost them their careers, but they committed to it. As a result their fame grew as people realized that Radiohead had so many greater songs than Creep.

Another mark of how amazing Radiohead is is the sheer genius of their lyrics. They are a masterpiece, a intricately woven garment. Each line compliments the next, yet keeps the central theme close to the heart. In their latest CD In : Rainbows, they amazingly show how simplicity in musical design compliments their complexity in their lyrics.

Truly, Radiohead is a band worthy of the title: amazing.


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