Twilight is a romance book series about a girl and a vampire. This series has many Biblical issues that I am not personally alright with. Here is the hottest topic, the thing I have the most blatant issue about. The fourth book. They get married and on their honeymoon go and, of course, have sex. It is gone into detail. He breaks furniture, bruises her, and her feelings are along these lines, “she was so into the erotic feeling that all she could think of was, ‘I wish he would just hold me harder and when he did it felt so good.’” Don’t think that is problematic? Don’t think that that is sinful? I have heard girls defend that section saying, “its ok! They are married!” Yes, this is true, they are married. But the detail described as human-on-vampire sex is way over the top. Simply combat their statement with defending porn for a guy. “Hey, the title said they were married so I am not sinning.” They are essentially watching them have sex, defiling the thing God created to be a pleasure between a man and a woman. I was first introduced to what was in the fourth book by my Youth Pastor, who knew I hated the series, and it was out of a secular magazine. The magazine called it “over the top” even for a romance novel. Don’t think that it stops getting worse there: 13 year olds and even younger are reading these books. Most of these young kids don’t fully know what sex is. Can you imagine if your 12 year old girl had no clue what the heck sex was, and read about a vampire having sex with a human, breaking furniture and bruising the girl and THAT is what they thought sex was? I know of one story where a thirteen year old girl had sex with her boyfriend after reading Bella’s passions and desires. She thought that that is what a normal girl should be like, that girls like her normally desire sex and lusts like Bella does.

Here is how it lines up: Not only are our girls, claiming to be Christians, reading it, they are defending it, not only are they defending it, they are recommending it, not only are they recommending it, they are recommending it to younger children. Here is the sad thing that I have seen time and time again, the young girls do not tell their parents about what the books are about. So parents are oblivious to the blatant sin in the book. When confronted the girls will claim that it isn’t that bad, it’s all normal.


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