What is the deal with all the Disney channel movies and making a ton of Cinderella movies? No matter how hot the new actresses get (words of Zack Polte), they still get as predictable as the first original one. Its about a girl that is abused and adopted by her step-mother, who is an evil little witch, that sets the original setting. She then goes somewhere and has an epiphany, then falls in love with the most handsome guy around, that just so happens to fall into the plot perfectly, and she doesnt think she is good enough for him. She meets him, dances with him, and falls for him without showing her true identity. She leaves something behind, he finds it, and he goes crazy finding her and returning the lost item. Its so predictable. I want it to be like the original, gruesome, horrific, and bloody. But noooo…….. They have to ruin it and make it “G” rated. Boring. Well thats my thoughts on the twisted Hollywood rendition of the Classic classic.


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