Common courtesy

It seems that people have become more and more oblivious of others around them.  Being more impatient and rude to bystanders.  Not concerning themselves with the people that come after them.  I work in the food industry, which has its perks and dislikes.  Yet i notice that most people leave their trash behind.  of course, we pick up after them.  But it brightens up a day when a person just puts all there trash in the trash can.  I’m not asking to much am I?  The trash is located right by the door you exit out of.  There are those that you can see do it on purpose.  What do they really gain out of it.  When you are on the road people seem to zoom by.  Just to get where they need to me.  They should have left earlier if you ask me.  Wouldn’t it be neat if courtesy was as simple as brushing your teeth every morning.


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  1. I completely agree – courtesy should not be a special occasion behavior.

    There is a distinct selfishness in the lack or care or respect for others. But as we can see, that attitude is not limited to shoppers and diners – just take a look at the US government and the corporations ripping apart at the seams due to their own greed.

    “What me worry? Let the next guy clean up my mess.”

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