On Tuesday January 13, 2009, a good friend of mine passed away.  He was only 24 years old with a wife and a young son.  Another victim lost to gang violence in front of his own house.  Unfortunatley, his mom asked me to tell his brother, which is the hardest thing to do.  In another city on January 14, 2009, a four year old boy was killed for nothing.  He had no problems with anyone and was just playing.  This young boy could have cured cancer, become president or a teacher.  yet we will never know.  On the one hand most gangbangers never had a role model in their lives.  They consider those in the gangs their brothers. What makes them so mad to where they take an innocent life?  Some people say that we should eliminate gangs all together.  Yet that is an impossible task.  in many cities the citizens are taking a stand agaings gang violence.  How many more will have to be lost until all people take a stand against. 



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