I would like to vent for a moment. Will someone please tell me why crocs were invented? Yes, I am talking about those hideous shoes. The fat plastic-like ones with random holes in them. Don’t they cause blisters with that odd little strap on the back? Who invented them and why on earth are they making such a big profit from them?! They are perhaps the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen! And I tried some on once so I could actually be justified in arguing about them, and I found them to be quite uncomfortable. There is no protection from water, heat, dirt, and people’s feet are just exposed! It’s disgusting. For some reason, I hate feet. If someone puts their bare foot near me, I flip out. They’re gross. You can disagree, but I don’t care. They’re still gross. Anyways, I’ve gotten off topic…. I went to Disneyland a few months ago, and there were crocs everywhere! I could barely stand to walk around in them for likw a minute and a half, how the heck do people walk around the happiest place on earth in them all day?! They look like they would easily slide around, right? Do they not? I just don’t understand. I’m not one to care very much about fashion, but seriously, they’re hideous! They come in like every color known to man, and still look absolutely ridiculous with anything you wear.  Sorry if you like crocs, I don’t mean to offend, but honestly…ew. Yeah that’s all I have to say.



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