The Almighty Soft Pretzel

From my days at Grace Brethen Elementary, I remember specifically looking forward to Mondays. No, not because it’s the beginning of another wonderful week at school (or not), but because that was the day the lunch vendor was Pretzel Maker. Oh, precious Pretzel Maker; many can vouch that it was not anything short of amazing deliciousness. I grew to love soft pretzels. Then the day came–the day Grace Brethren decided to no longer serve this wondrous food selection. I was nonetheless heartbroken. When the Simi Valley Town Center was finished, I went shopping only to find to my surprise a soft pretzel place called Wetzel’s Pretzels. When I tried a pretzel from there, it reminded me of Pretzel Maker but a million times better. I found out my favorite selection–the Grateful Garlic pretzel accompanied by two (yes, two! one is not enough) cheese dips. This soft pretzel is not only the best of pretzels, but it is the best food ever. It is a combination of all the best of a meal: carbs, sodium, and fat. I’m not saying it’s the best on a scale of healthy food, but on a scale of delicious foods. The Grateful Garlic pretzel is a not just a soft pretzel but has cheesy layerings. It is dipped in a garlic butter sauce and baked. When each bite is also dipped into the cheese dip, it’s even better. Yes, the pretzel is amazing. First of all, its baked dough. I think wheat is one of the best things on this planet. Second, it has CHEESE; almighty cheese. Third, it is basically soaked in a garlic butter sauce. Let me say that again. Garlic butter; possibly the greatest creation ever. Fourth, you have the choice to dip it in a cheese sauce that is most heavenly. With this satisfactory meal, you get a serving of dairy and some garlic–major points in the health category! Obviously nothing stands up to this pretzel because it has all of the best ingredients. So, I encourage you all to try this fabulous combination of food. It truly is the best.


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  1. I can really feel your passion for pretzels

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