Stop the texting…and smell the roses

Every Monday at 3:30,  I go to my math tutor. And every Monday at 3:30, I see the little girl down the street walking her dog with her sister. As I left today, I noticed she was outside washing her mom’s car in her little red dress, dispite the bitter cold air.

Its amazing to think of all the things we would have time to do if we didn’t spend a majority of our lives on myspace or texting our friends. Sure as a teenager our social life is a top priority, but also remember that as kids, we still had friends without techonology.

I believe that if we take a moment to detatch ourself from our phones and computers( whether surgically or mentally), we will find that our relationships with others become more genuine and enjoyable. I don’t think many would argue that they cherish their conversations through texting or instant message over the quality time they spent with their friends or significant other. Most likely you will find that your bonds with others become stronger and you may even find yourself more sociable.

During high school, time is cut short by mounds of homework, sports, and a possible a job on the side. With the time we spend on the internet or in a cellular trance, we could be enjoying moments of our adolescence we don’t even realize are slipping by. Now, we don’t necessarily have to spend that time washing cars or walking our dogs, but maybe step outside and remember the scent of fresh air. Ride a bike around, meet up with a friend, in person! One day you will look back on this time as you’re sitting in an office cubicle and wish that you had taken advantage of your last few years as a kid.


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  1. Exactly. People spend so much time and resort to texting. ITS CRAZY!!!
    If you want to get ahold of someone you dont call them anymore, you text them.
    All those moments we have with freinds can never be experienced by text or online. They have to be in real life.

    Live your dreams, dont waste your time messing technology (accept cars :D).

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