Sleeping vs. Doing Nothing

First of all, I have to say that there is ALWAYS something beneficial you can be doing (but that’s a totally different topic to write on).

Have you ever found yourself with a considerable amount of free time? You think to yourself, “What could I be doing right now?” After considering the options for about half an hour, you are still asking yourself the same question. I have wasted much time myself searching my brain for something to do. If you encounter such a time, I recommend sleeping. Sleeping is better that doing nothing (or thinking of something to do for long periods of time) because it is good for your body. Your body heals itself during sleep. You also grow during sleep. If you need to get through a period of time, sleeping will make it pass very quickly. On the other hand, sitting and doing nothing is very ineffective at passing time quickly, buy very effective at wasting time. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time when it is appropriate for you to be alone, traveling with your thoughts in an open valley of freedom in a land called you brain, but there is also a time to enjoy the beautiful gift of sleep. Even if you take a 20 minute nap, you often feel refreshed, and ready to cope with reality again. Short naps may improve your performance at work or school (through observation, and not experience of course, I have noted that taking a nap during class usually does not help you to perform better in school). Next time you find yourself with some free time, consider sleep. 

Peace Out


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