We all know the type, but what defines someone as popular? Popularity is usually seen as purely superficial. In movie , they are always depicted as snobby, good-looking, and envied. Sometimes its money that makes them popular, like what kind of car they drive or if they wear the “cool”  kind of clothes. These things are factors of popularity to some, but maybe there should be a different standard to judge by.

What about the person who doesn’t have very nice clothes or much money, but they always have an open seat for the kid who doesn’t have many friends? How popular you are should be more than just the physical but the inside of a person as well. The people who are well liked and try to get along with others is a person worth noting. A person who wants to try their best and make a difference in their school or society that will last.  Maybe those who strive to treat others like Jesus did will be people worth giving the label “popular”.


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  1. my view of popular people before i went into high school was exactly that. kids who had it all. good looks, a ton of freinds, and were good at sports.

    but now i realize that the people that i see as popular are those people that are nice to everyone, or that have an impact on somebodies life. Maybe even that person that isnt all that smart but they dream big and try their hardest, and thats all that matters to them. I see popular people as people im enviouse of. Characteristics that i wish i had. Not money, or good looks, but drive and kindness.

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