This is a sad story about how a boy who lost his life in a car accident. The boys name was Tim and he was a soccer player. He had a lot of friends at school and loved his dad very much. Tim was a believer but his dad was not. He tried to get his dad to go to church and talk about the Word with him. His dad kept saying no may be next time or thats one opinion. The boy was heartbroken but never gave up. He tried and tried to preach to his dad. His one fear was if my dad dies I want to know that he will be in heaven with me. He loved his dad so much that no matter what happened he would talk about how God did this and it was his plan. So one day Tim and his dad are driving to school and they get in a car accident. Tim dies… and his dad lives. Tim was rushed to the hospital but it was to late. Tim’s dad was crushed and could not believe it. He stayed up all night for a week he could not eat or drink and he never picked up the phone. Until one night he got a message that said “I found this letter in your son’s pocket I think its for you.” So he rushes to the hospital to get the letter.


If I die I want you to read this. I have tried so hard for you to believe in Jesus and God, you simply won’t listen but I won’t give up I have faith. God picked my family for me and I think my purpose was to bring you closer to him. So far I am only 12 and have not had a dance or a banquet, I have not had a girl friend but I’m sure I will soon. The most important time to think about God is in a life and death situation. If you die where will you go? I love you so much dad and I want to live with you for all eternity in heaven. But you need to go to Christ for me and pray. I always pray for you and I love you so much. All you need to do is have faith dad because I know you will see me soon in heaven I have faith in you.


your only son.


Since that letter the dad has professed faith in Christ and wishes to see his son one day in heaven so they can both worship God together.



  1. Is this a true story?

  2. no this story is not true..

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