Dream: the most desireable, the ideal.

Even the most unmotivated human beings possess dreams. They are often our highest expectations of life, mostly left a distant wish. Should I dare say only the lucky fiew live out a dream? Perhaps luck is not the answer, but pursuit.

Unfortunately, dreams are usually forgotten or belittled. At times they seem far from reality and unreachable. However, dreams, if given love and attention, can be the key to inner prosperity. Every action we take was conceived from a driving force within us. A nurtured dream can become that force.

One of the most satisfying experiences can be living out a dream. It will lead us to places we never expected to be. I encourage you to transform your dreams from a handwritten list or a midnight thought into a reality. By doing so, I believe that as people, our capabilities and desires will strengthen and grow to incredible heights.

My Dreams:

1. To discover a God-given gift

2. To visit every state

3. To speak out against the norm

4. To discover myself in my faith


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