Tragedy on Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving – or more commonly known as “Black Friday” – is a day infamously known for great prices and early mornings for brave shoppers. There are people who line up and wait outside of stores to get outrageously good prices on everything from televisions to sweaters. It can get pretty intense when people are desperate for getting that great deal. This year, however, it was taken way too far. At 5 a.m. in Long Island, New York, the doors of Wal-Mart were opened and a Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death. Talk about determined shoppers… but how could this have happened? Well, Wal-Mart says that it was unavoidable, but there could have been safety barriers or security. Have the people of America taken Black Friday shopping to a whole new extreme? It is actually very sad what people will do just to save a few bucks. Let’s hope people will get a hold of themselves and realize that gifts are not as important as they think, but enjoying the holiday season with your family is what truly matters. I’m sure that Wal-Mart employee’s family would agree with that.



  1. When my mom told me about what had happened on “Black Friday” I thought, seriously what is wrong with us Americans? When all we care about is good deals and to be first through the door, surely it was an accident, but what makes us have this attitude? Think about the poor man that was just doing his job, and got trampled and couldnt do anything about it; think about his family and friends. Its just sad, just like what you said, the holidays should be about family not about the hottest new deals and store openings. We are so consumed in material things that we forget the very resason why we celebrate such holidays.

  2. It’s strange how something good can totally have serious repercussions. Now I will admit, good deals and sweet clothes can be found on Black Friday (Myself partaking in the madness of shopping). It boggles my mind how a death can come out of this. However, our culture has completely made Christmas synonymous with buying, selling, and getting deals at close out prices. It’s sad and completely greedy.

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