The Greatest Gift

With the passing of Thanksgiving, the next holiday to come is Christmas. Personally, I think Christmas is the best of them all. Walking through shopping centers and seeing all of the decorations makes me overjoyed, and I absolutely love seeing the neighborhoods lit up. It creates a sense of comfort for me because it seems like everyone becomes warm and inviting for the season. But, that’s just it: for the season. So, 11 out of the 12 months, we are permitted to be self-centered/self-absorbed creatures? Odd. In the month of December however, you are almost expected to be the complete opposite–to be loving and selfless. Interesting how it takes a couple of Christmas trees and some lights to instill those characteristics into hearts of millions. What makes me curious is why we receive presents on Jesus’s birthday? The Son of God is born and we get presents for it? Then it hit me. It’s not about us receiving presents–it’s about us giving them. Our Savior is born and what better way than to celebrate by showing His love to others. The awful part is that many of us don’t open our eyes wide enough to see that because we all expect to receive presents on the morning of December 25th. However, there is a way to firmly see the underlying message within getting presents. The presents we receive are like the blessings God gives us. Christ is born, and we receive blessings because of this miracle. If Jesus was never born, we would not have the life we do in the Father. Christians should take joy in giving presents to share the love of Christ, but we should also take joy in receiving them because it should remind us of the amazing blessings God has given us because of the birth of His Son. So, when you go to open your presents on Christmas Day, remember what is truly important: our Savior is born and because of this we get the greatest gift of all–the gift of life.


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  1. Amen.

    This is a good start to the Christmas season. To truly remember why we shop and go nuts at the extreme sales. To buy presents for ones we love. This reflects the real reason why Christmas is celebrated, and like you said, “the greatest gift of all – the gift of life.”

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