The Beauty of Twilight

Twilight. You love it or you hate it. The four series novel has a billion and one teenage girls screaming their lungs out of total adoration for Edward Cullen and the ostensibly impressive and mysterious story-line. However, I don’t buy it. I am not one to just hate it because I can, but I have actually taken time and thought into the series to see what all the fuss is about. I read Twilight, er well, got halfway through Twilight (the first book), and put it down. I’m sorry, but a work that takes 400 pages to get anywhere definitely does not have me hooked. Also, in the series there is a picture-perfect romance between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. What’s even more perfect is merely Edward himself, and many teenage girls have claimed to have fallen in love with this fictional character. With that said, I could brutally antagonize those girls for actually claiming such a statement, but that’s not really for me to judge (or is it?). What really made me laugh was when I was at the mall this week with my mom, and a girl in line in front of me in Forever 21 said “yeah, I know he was really sweet. He really liked me too. But, he’s just not Edward Cullen.” No, she was not being sarcastic, because her other friend (or maybe sister?) readily agreed and went about the conversation. My jaw just about dropped onto the floor. An obsession with Twilight taken to this extreme cannot possibly have any positive repercussions. I also got a hold of the latest edition to the series, Breaking Dawn, and started to read it only to find out that there is quite an inappropriate scene thoroughly described about the love of Bella and Edward. Um, really? Not exactly necessary, but hey I’m not the author. Ultimately, I am not a fan of Twilight and don’t plan on becoming one. I refuse to spend 10 dollars to see it in theaters, but maybe for free I’ve give it a watch to see what it’s really all about because as far as I’m concerned, it’s all about a normal girl and a vampire falling in love while trying to fight off the bad vampires (I lol’ed while writing that).

To all the guys who were compared to Edward Cullen and failed to match his standards, I truly am sorry. (I lol’ed while writing that, too)



  1. Although most people either love or hate the Twilight series, I actually have to say i fall somewhere towards the middle. At first I was extremely hesitant to see this movie, but ended up seeing it, not by choice. So although I have no opinion with the other books such as Breaking Dawn, I definitely hold an opinion on Twilight.
    First of all I did not see a picture perfect romance between Edward and Bella. There was a constant struggle for Edward to eat Bella, and then there was her determination to look past her fear of him being a vampire, and only see the love they shared. Edward’s love for her was shown by his strong loving nature, self-sacrifice, and willingness to go any lengths for the one he loves.
    And so that leads to the infatuation girls have for him. I don’t believe they are necessarily in love with the tall, dark, and handsome aspect of Edward, but his nice personality and how he treats his girl.
    So yes, although I’m sure many girls may find the actor attractive, I believe they are more in love with his personality and loving nature. However, I agree with you some may be shallow and see a good looking guy and that’s all they care about. But I believe some see Edward as a standard for their Mr. Right. But lets face it, the guy is hardly perfect. He’s a vampire who can eat people, he’s got snowy white skin , and he is sometimes isolated.
    I think its good girls set a standard for a guy, so they can’t get hurt as easily, and maybe find their Mr. Right or Edward Cullen. If he doesn’t fit their standards, then he shouldn’t be worth the time.

    P.S. I’m a straight guy, so don’t be worried about this opinion being biased.

  2. Super long post but I figured at least one person would talk about the epidemic that is Twilight. I’ve read the books and seen the movie. Personally, I didn’t think the movie was anything worth obsessing over. I saw this movie the Friday it came out and there were people that had slept outside the theatre to get good seats and were wearing capes and fake vampire teeth… ya. It is so unhealthy to put a book/movie as the center of your life. As for Edward, he isn’t real so why are we obsessing over him…?

  3. I have read the books and seen the movie, and even though I am a fan, I am not overly obsessed. Yes, there are girls who take it to an unhealthy level, and some are in love with the actor who played Edward or his physical description, but they are more in love with the idea of there being someone out there who will treat them the way that Edward treats Bella, as his whole world. Isn’t that every girl’s dream? And their relationship is by no means a picture-perfect romance, as there are many struggles and conflicts, such as his thirst for her blood, yet their love is stronger. So, yes, its not right to compare guys to Edward Cullen or obsess over the fictional character, but it is okay to set standards.

  4. To uclafan14:
    I did claim in my article “but maybe for free I’ve give it a watch to see what it’s really all about.” Right there I announced that I did not fully understand the story line or the conflicts within the movie, but thank you for correcting me on that there is no “picture-perfect” romance between Edward and Bella, for some reason I collected that assumption in my mind from reading the beginning of Twilight. I now understand better why girls adore Edward Cullen: because of the way he shows his love for Bella. But I definitely agree that girls should set standards for a guy (and vice versa).

    To bloggerr4life:
    Good points!

    To peacelovejb:
    First of all, I never claimed that it wasn’t okay to set standards, and I hope I didn’t send out that vibe through my article. If I did, I apologize but to set things straight, I wholeheartedly believe that an individual should set standards when seeking a spouse. However, you are entirely correct when you say that it is every girl’s dream to have a man treat them as if they are his whole world, and I do see how that makes Edward Cullen so amazing since he treats Bella that way. That doesn’t mean I agree with the craze though. Like I mentioned about the girl in Forever 21, it is getting a little out of hand. But thank you for your thought!

  5. WOW! that story about Forever 21 was hilarious. I work there and i get little junior high girls asking me if we have any Twilight t-shirts. I was like, “Does this look like Hot Topic?” not to her face of course. haha.
    I personally have not read the entire book, which is maybe why i am more a movie fan. I must admit, i am crazy about heartthROBert pattinson, he is Gorgeouss ❤

    ps. im a sucker for english accents! :]

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