The Art of Cloning

Some may say human cloning is a form of art. Others may be so narcissistic that they say, “Whats better than one? Two!” and decide to clone themselves. However, this draws up a huge moral issue. By cloning ourselves we are simply playing God. This brings on a form of self-worship, which is against the first commandment in the Bible. We were also made in God’s image, so duplication of his creation makes one less valuable then the other. In Psalm 119:73 it says “Your hands made me and fashioned me. ” We are disobeying God’s law through the art of cloning. For those who are unbelievers just think of all the problems cloning could cause. People acting like someone else, flaws in the creation, and even worse. For spare parts or simply narcissistic purposes, cloning is just not worth it.


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  1. I’m not even entirely sure what would happen if a human WERE to be cloned. Would it have a soul? Would humans then have power to create a soul? Or would we have on our hands a hyper-intelligent animal? Would it survive? Narcissism aside, it’s never been done, but it’s an interesting problem.

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