Stocking Stuffers that Shouldn’t Be Stuffed

The cry of baby filled the room as Jason was born today. He was so small and fit perfectly into his mother’s arms. His smile lit up the room. A year later, he was running around his backyard playing with his toy cars. He was just learning how to put sentences together. A few years later, Jason went to kindergarten and became David’s best friend. The two grew up together and played little league. They went through high school and experienced rough times and good times. Jason and David went to separate colleges, but they were always there for each other. Jason was wise and a great friend, ultimately changing David’s life by giving him advice when he strayed. Jason met Sally in college, and they got married. They had a family. Jason was very intelligent, and after college got a job at Amgen. He ended up discovering a cure for cancer.

But what if Jason was never born?

What if his mother decided to abort him?

David would have never had a best friend like Jason. He might have strayed off without the positive influence from Jason. Sally may have found someone else, but imagine the thought of your spouse never being… how could you even think about replacing him/her? What if one of those millions of babies that have been aborted would have someday grown up to find the cure for cancer? And even more, why should anyone be denied the opportunity of simply living, of being able to play in the backyard with your toy cars or walking in the mall at Christmas time with your loved ones and just enjoying the holiday season?

The saddest thing is that Christmas the Planned Parenthood in Indiana has decided to make gift certificates available “for services or the recipient’s choice of birth control method”. They say that they should not be used for abortions, yet they put no restrictions on them. Are abortions seriously a stocking stuffer? Sadly, yes. People are giving the gift of murder. What kind of present is taking the life of a human being? Those who are considering an abortion should think about what they are taking away from someone who has no say in the matter. It is an innocent life that is being taken. And murder is definitely not Christmas present that spreads holiday cheer.


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