Obama’s Inauguration

With the economy in the terrible state that it is in right now, President Elect Obama may not have as extravagant of a swearing in party as previous Presidents. Obama is known for his campaign for change. He constantly talks of how he will help the common man, who perhaps doesn’t make enough money to support his family and how he will bring tax cuts for them. If however, Obama decided to have a large and expensive party then it would seem hypocritical of him. Although the inauguration is going to be a great historical event, the celebrations will be kept to a minimum because Obama believes that because of the state the economy is in, that now is not a time for celebration. Obama has a lot of promises to live up to and one of them is beginning to lead the economy out of debt. I believe that he is taking a step in the right direction however, in not spending large sums of money on a celebration, and that it is a good example of frugality for the American people to follow.



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