Obama is compared to 4 other presidents. Times are tough just like they were in the past. It is time for Obama to come in just as JFK, Roosevelt, Lincoln, and Clinton did before. This article talks about how Obama is similar to all these presidents in believes and looks. It is up to Obama to find the look he wants.

He is first compared to JFK because he is young, handsome, and idealistic. JFK was killed for his beliefs and actions. So is it good to be compared to someone that was assassinated?

Obama is next compared to Roosevelt because of the depression. Our world is starting to go into another depression. Is Obama ready to fix this problem? We thought Roosevelt fixed it so it would not happen for a long time it has only been 70 years. That is only two generations, not very long.

Obama is also compared to Lincoln because he is tall and a lawyer. Lincoln was also killed because of his beliefs. Out of all the presidents Obama is compared to the two that were assassinated. This strikes me as a little mysterious.

Finally, he is compared to Clinton because he is turning to some of Clinton’s plans to help the economy. Since Clinton has helped our economy so much during his term Obama has turned to his help in today’s struggles.

Obama is searching for the perfect combination of how to fix our world today. I think he is compared to 2 presidents that have been killed is because they were about change. JFK and Lincoln were about change that were better for the people but not necessary what they wanted. Obama is here to change the U.S. for the better and not just the popular vote.


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  1. This is very interesting to me, especially how he was compared to two presidents who were assassinated. Like you said, it was because they both stood for change, and hopefully Obama can bring the change that this country needs.

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