Money Can Bring Happiness, And Yes I Did Just Say That

This is true but not in the way most people would think about it. If you use your money for other people you will be much happier. Studies have been done and people that spend their money on kids, taking freinds out to eat, or giving it to a charity end up much happier at the end of the day then those who spent the money on themselves. The reason most people dont spend any money on charities or anything like that is because they dont think that giving away their money will make them happy. They beleive that by pleasuring themselves with the “joys” of technology or that frappichino from starbucks will make them that much happier.

And yes, sometimes spending money on yourself makes you happy cause its something that you really wanted. Like maybe its something that your really passionate about. But try to spend some money on those that need it. A young boy who lost his parents in a car accident or that war veteran thats out on the streets cause his wife left him when he came back. Think of how much even $5 would brighten their day or that new talking elmo toy. Maybe if our society would open their minds to new ideas like this our world might just turn out to be a better place.


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