Life in the middle

Life is confuzing. Well at least it is for me. There are so many questions that i have and that will probably never get answered. Life is kinda like a vapour. Its rain one day and water the next. Nobody thinks about whats in between. Its one of those things in life where people have their questions and doubts but at the end of the day, its just a vapour. Its just a way of life. You just live life. You might not know whats coming next but there is nothing you can do to stop it. Some people are like “you have to live your life this way”. But why? What for? Its just life, your life. You start as a baby and you eventually die. You never know when your gona die but you know you will. Even knowing that people are still afraid of death. I dont get it? Why cant everybody just live life and pursuit their dreams. If you want something, GO FOR IT! You miss 100% of the things you dont go for.

Still, after all this confuzion in life and all these questions that we have, all these choices that we can make that might affect your life or not. In the end its just life and you never know whats gona be in between…




  2. yes charlie…..confuzion. lol

  3. Its spelled with an “s”

  4. not in my book 😀

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