America Collapsing

Relative truths seem to be a new trend in America. What works for you is good for you and works for me is good for me. I’ll live how I want and you live how you want. That’s not freedom, that’s the basic mindset of an anarchist. A country can not be run on an anarchist form of government, but needs a firm government that takes a proper stand on things, ridding the concept of relative truths. Because lets face it, a truth is a concrete principle that fits in with reality. When it comes to a specific issue, there is only one. WIth common issues today in our country like gay marriage and abortion, we need the truth. Our country, America, was founded on Christian principles. A foundation is the groundwork of a building. Without it, a building will collapse. Christian principles are what America was founded on, and lived by the motto, “In God We Trust”. In past times, the issues of gay marriage and abortion were not even a thought because our forefathers lived by these principles. If we get rid of our country’s Christian principles, America will collapse, just as a building would without its foundation.


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  1. This is so very true and it’s a shame that our government doesn’t understand this.

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