President Bush on Values

A recent CNN article reflects on George Bush’s Presidency. President Bush states that he will be leaving the white house with the same set of values that he came in with and hopes to be remembered as one who did not “sell his soul in order to accommodate the political process.” President Bush, in these last four years specifically, has been criticized to an extreme extent, and most of these criticisms have been concerning the war. He has been called a mass murderer, a tyrant, and most commonly, “The Worst President in American History.” I think that because of all the hate that many have against president Bush, he cannot leave the presidency with any distinct achievements to show. Right now, all he can say is that he stuck to his values. Anything that he might see as an achievement will immediately be shot down by an American public that will replace it with a list of his failures. Many say that Bush has stuck only to genocide, that sticking to his values led thousands of Americans to die. Although many have died in the wars, I do believe that the President was doing what he thought best for the country. People make it sound as if Bush just sent troops to be killed with absolutely no purpose in doing so. Bush did not send troops simply for the purpose of being killed. I believe that even though these wars in Iraq haven’t turned out the way that many Americans expected and even though many died, Bush was doing his best to look out for and protect his country, even when that country was against him.



  1. You cant lose what you dont have!

  2. Bush stayed true to his principles of “making money off war”. He comes from a long line of war profiteers, dating back to grandpa Prescott Bush who ran a bank for the Nazi’s during WWII.

  3. “…Bush was doing his best to look out for and protect his country…”

    Doing your best is good enough for AYSO, but people rightly expect more from the man ellected to lead the most important country in the world.

    Not that I agree with those who blame all the country’s problems on Presdident Bush, but you should set the bar a little higher for what makes a good President.

  4. To TIm. . . Everyone has values. It doesn’t matter who you are, you will have values. A person cannot go on living with no moral convictions whatsoever. For JW. . . Just because Bush came from ” a long line of war profiteers “, does not mean that he himself is a war profiteer. If a baby is born of a woman who was the victim of a serial rapist, that does not mean that the baby will grow up and be a serial rapist as well! If everyone were judged simply on their lineage, then this would be a world of unfairly judged people. To the Admin. . . I simply commended Bush for his ability to stick to his beliefs. Also as I said in the article, I don’t think that he can leave with anything to show except that he did his best. Now I’m not saying that justifies him, nor am I saying that makes him a “good” President. However, I think that as the leader of the ” most important country of the world” , he definitely deserves more respect than what he is getting.

    People just find an easy target to blame things on and lately that target has been President Bush. Often he is blamed for ALL of the economy’s problems, which, although his Presidency did not help, is not entirely his fault. There are plenty of other factors such as the falling housing economy and raising gas prices. Just because Bush is unpopular does not mean that he should be so hostilely accusing him of all of the nations problems.

  5. AYSO!!!!! hahahahaha

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