american education

American education is by far one of the best, if not the best education system in the world. the only problem with it is that tons of students all over our country including me take it for granted and dont try very hard cause they hate school. If every student tryed their best and use their mind that God gave them, we wouldnt need juinor colleges, because everyone would be going to a top notch college. the human brain works no matter what desires the person has. the person just has to use it. yeah some people have to study harder than others. but if everyone trys their very best, i promise they will succeed.


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  1. You made a lot of general statements without any proof for your claims. You said that students don’t try hard because they hate school. I doubt that that is the reason for every student not trying hard. Also many times students attend junior colleges not because they aren’t smart enough to go to a “top notch” college, but because those colleges have very high tuitions and are too expensive to pay for.

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