What is a rainbow?

The article I read was written a bit awkwardly, but the message was good and I don’t think that I have ever heard about a double rainbow before.

 Rainbows are the colored stripes that appear in the sky from behind the clouds after rain. The scientific explanation for rainbows is light being reflected off of water droplets and then shows itself in different wavelengths of color.  At first glance that is all it seems to be, just a spectacle in the sky.  To those who know better, a rainbow means so much more.

Noah and the Flood is a well known biblical story; God promises that He will never again destroy the earth with water. That is all most people know, but what is important is how God expresses His promise. He tells Noah that every time it rains He will display a rainbow in the sky to remind us of His promise. The promise itself is not what speaks to me, but that every rainbow a personal message from God. This reminds me that no matter how much time has passed, God will never forget about us and the promises He has made.


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