Picking Our Fights

The freedom that we fight for in America only meets the standard of freedom through the public eye. It relates to the control that the government holds on its country and its people. We are fighting to give freedom to the Iraqis and through that, achieve the freedom from terrorism ourselves. However, sometimes situations need to be extremely well analyzed. How much freedom will war give us? What is the cost of this freedom? Is the risk greater than the reward? Many lives have been lost in the war and the financial handicap it has brought America is not helping either. We are on the verge of an economic depression, yet we still fight for someone else’s freedom. Maybe the Iraqis and civilians of the Middle East will get the freedom they deserve. But will the lives and stability of the American people be compromised? People may lose jobs and loved ones may even perish. The whole concept of war is not wrong. In fact war is important and can even be completely necessary and even a good thing. However, we must fight a smart war and understand the scenario completely. In the current war, there is not much more that can be achieved. The Iraqis have been freed from their dictator and war on terrorism is coming to an end. Let’s save some crucial dollars and some important lives by bringing the troops home, and securing our borders. Only through superior headship can the freedom seen by the public eye be achieved. As Americans we need to think over and understand exactly what this war is worth and what it is we are fighting for.


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