It’s My Right

Thomas Beatie is now a married “man” who was once a woman. This may not seem surprising to many because the culture we are a part of see one’s gender and sexual orientation as something that should be decided by that individual alone. However for Beatie, this sex change was not like many others. Beatie kept her sexual organs so that he could conceive and have child. And this is exactly what he did. Beatie is now a legal man, and pregnant. Beatie claims that pregnancy  is a matter of human need, and that it is his right to have a child even though he is a “man”. I am a human, and feel no need to have a child. I, a human man, feel no desire to give birth. Pregnancy is reserved for women. When have two men ever conceived and given birth to a child. It takes a man and a woman to conceive a child and it will never change. For a woman to become a “man” is unnatural in itself, but for her to not only surgically change gender, but to also keep her female sexual organs is even worse. It is almost as if she is neither a man nor woman. This person Beatie, cannot expect to be treated as a man if she is doing the most womanly thing possible; giving birth. 




  1. One of the main arguments that lesbian supporters use, is that there is no difference between a gay marriage and a heterosexual marriage. Sure there’s love but despite all of the arguments that have been placed by gay marriage supporters, the one fact that still remains is that child bearing is still between a man and a woman. It is impossible to have a child between a man and a man. Therefore I thought this argument was really important because many times heterosexual supporters lose thought or argument but it is impossible to get around the argument of natural child bearing.

  2. You are completely right in saying that marriage can ONLY be between a man and a woman. Even though this seemingly heterosexual couple wanted to have a baby, they needed a donor because Beatie was still a woman.

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