Gray Wolves return to endangered species list

In the western Great Lake region, grey wolves have returned to the endangered species list. In Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, the government misread a law last year that protected 4,000 wolves on these states. Due to this problem many environmental groups were accusing the government for not paying attention to the law. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service asked a judge in Montana on September 23rd to return the grey wolves that live on the Northern Rockies back to the endangered list. This reversed a proposal that was dropped earlier this year which allowed public hunting in the states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. The wolf occupies only 5% of its historical range, which once was occupied around most of the U.S. The animal has been recovering since the 1970’s moving from Minnesota to Michigan to Wisconsin. But if nothing is resolved there will be confusion in these states. An example is in the state of Wisconsin where the state would have to revoke a permit for 7 farmers to shoot a wolf when it is attacking their livestock or pets.

I think that since the grey wolf is back to the endangered list, states in the northern region should not be allowed to hunt or kill these animals. Just like bisons disappeared from most of the U.S. we should not allowed another species to almost be in the brick of extinsion. Overall the article was ethical because it informs us wether killing this animals is right or wrong. It also shows us if it is right or wrong to allow people living in the north to kill or hunt these animals because they are attacking their livestock and pets or just because people hunt them as a game, or as a hobbie.


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  1. If a wolf is attacking me, or my faimily or my pets, i believe i will shoot it. i really could care less about a law. People have to realize that God set our dominion over the animals. That said, we should not abuse our rights, but we need to enforce them. When someone or somethings life is at stake, it is time to enforce our dominion over the animals, and kill the wolf. Whether it is endangered or not.

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