God is like a Pizza

Stephen W. Simpson, Ph.D. writes his article on how God is like a pizza and the toppings are the differing religious doctrine and practice. He begins by explaining his fervent love for pizza then initiates his use of his analogies. God is the pizza, and the toppings are the differing religious doctrine and practice. Announcing his attendance in church all his life, Simpson makes a bold statement by saying no matter what denomination your church is, it’s still church. Pizza lovers become enemies because they cannot agree on which toppings they want. Toppings can be dunking versus sprinkling, infant versus adult baptism, predestination versus free will, etc; but that’s just it. These things are the toppings; they are not the pizza. He also claims that none of these change the fact that all Christians still follow Jesus Christ and his message of grace, love, and justice. “So what’s the big deal as long as we’re all eating pizza?” is the question Simpson profoundly asks. He also argues that what makes a pizza is in fact the pizza itself, but the toppings we choose just reflects our individual preferences. His overall claim is that the Church needs to find its center again in God. I found his article insightful and his analogies sort of cute and effective. In my opinion, he really does hit the nail on the head. A church should be continuing to strive to best glorify God instead of bickering over what they think is the right practice. As Christians, it’s important for our lives to surround and encourage the glory of Christ. Our salvation is not found in whether we believe that an infant should be baptized or not, it’s found in our faith in Christ. However, I think Simpson misses one thing. It is important to search for the truth. A church cannot dismiss any part of the Bible because this is God’s word. If the Bible says that predestination is real, then it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, that’s the truth. If the Bible states that a certain topping is indeed on top of the pizza, then that topping should forever stay on the pizza even if a church doesn’t like the way it tastes. Overall, Simpson does do an effective job with reminding us to not argue about the toppings on the pizza, but to enjoy the pizza itself united together. Philippians 4:20 “To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”


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