Christians Can’t Multitask.

I read this interesting article called “Christians Can’t Multitask” written by Alex and Brett Harris, the same guys who run The Rebelution blog. With the advent of more user-friendly technology such as cell phones and laptops, multitasking has become part of our lives. In fact, the authors go as far to say, “Chances are some of you won’t even finish this article without checking your e-mail — while others are already listening to music or Instant Messaging a friend.” (Of course, they were correct.) They write that multitasking causes us to be less productive in work, it hinders relationships with one another, and takes away moments where we must meditate on God. This is insightful. We are called as followers of Christ and yet if we do not worship Him in every aspect of our lives, we are quite the lousy follower then. Now Alex and Brett Harris never completely write off multitasking but rather “we need to understand is that both our ability to focus and our ability to multitask are extremely valuable. We should never practice one at the expense of the other.” When we try to do many things at once (which we always will), we lose focus and, this is the kicker for me, we don’t do wholehearted work for the Lord. So stop multitasking, pick up the hammer, and do work.



  1. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about how true this really is. All the technology and things that we have today are very useful, but they take our primary focus away from God. I know that when I do more than one thing at a time, they end up being done half as well as they could be. Your post reminded me that in order for me to serve God in a way that is pleasing to Him, I need to wholeheartedly seek after Him, and not let other things distract me.

  2. This world always goes and goes, everywhere around me things go at a mile an hour. Life is filled with one thing after another, from school to practice or rehearsal or both, then homework and etc. As a Christian, I also need to set aside time for God because a relationship never grows without time and energy placed into it. If I have this friend that I’m with but every time I’m with her I’m either on the phone or doing work or doing ten other things and never really focused on her then she’d probably give up on me and find someone who showed that they cared by listening. The best way to show someone that you truly care is to listen to them and by listening, I mean you full undivided attention. Same for God, so I know that I need to really make sure that I set aside time where I’m fully focused on what God wants to speak into my life. Thanks.

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