Bye bye baby

Today I just turned 5 weeks, as my brain develops, i just recieved this miraculous gift, called eyes. One week later, twice as fast as my mommy’s, my heart begins to beat 150 times a minute. My limbs and vertibre begin to form. I can’t wait until my mommy get’s to see what i look like. :] Im getting impatient to see her, today im ten weeks old, but tonight, i’ll be dead. I wish my mommy could see my potential.

Approximately 3, 700 abortions occur though out the United States, that’s about 1.37 million and growing, yearly. Fifty-two percent of all abortions are women younger than 25. Any producing female can get abortions these days, we can’t get our cartilage peirced without permission, we can’t go tanning without permission, but we can kill life without permission! Why? Why do women have abortions? 1% occurs because of rape or incest, 6% occur because of health, and 93%, nintey three percent, are for social issues, wether the child is unwanted, or inconvieniant.

How could you be so selfish? A baby is alive at the moment of conception. Thats why woment have ultra sounds, to see the baby’s progression in health and growth.  When someone asks a pregnant female, “what is it?” we don’t assume a response like, “oh it’s an elephant.” we assume it is a human, just like us. It is alive and developing, just as we were once at that stage. If you abort your baby because it has health issues, maybe you have issues, because at this point, that baby probably has more of a right to live that you deserve. Just because a child is not as tall or as dependant or as developed does NOT make them any less of a being. If your fetus becomes a social issue or problem, maybe the REAL problem is your not responsible enough to be having sex? Irresponsible people are less likely to be favored, who’s unwanted now? The purpose of sex is to create life, beautiful breathing life. Abortions can lead to serious health issues and emotional scaring for the rest of your life. All babies want to get borned. Who knows what they could be…



  1. You mentioned the 7% of abortions happening because of rape, incest, and health issues. Your argument in that case was clearly against abortion for the wrong reasons, but do you believe there are right reasons for abortion? Do you believe that a woman should be able to abort a baby based on health issues, rape, or incest?

  2. no, i don’t think a woman should abort her baby for any circumstance. it’s never okay.

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