A girl who aborted!

This article is called “First I was happy.” This 16 year old girl was 5 months pregnant and wanted an easy way out. Like most girls her boyfriend was much older than her. Her article appeals emotionally to the girls her age in her position. It strikes the heart of a teenage girl that wants or has had an abortion. For a girl to confess that she regretted the abortion is heartbreaking. To know, after you had the abortion done, that it was wrong can be devastating. This passage talks to the guys to. He still has a say in what her actions may be. You can convince her to have the abortion or not. Even if you are not ready to have a baby someone out there is and you do not need to have an abortion. This article strikes the heart of the teenage couple and their choices in life.


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  1. Hey bloguniverse2! i totally agree, so many teens look for the easy way out, even adults, it is of our nature because no one really wants to put in any effort, we’re lazy. Abortions emotionally scar for life, it’s a sin you cannot undo and furthermore an act of selfishness.

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