Yes on Prop 8 – the case for traditional marriage

Traditional marriage has the support of history, religion, and culture. It is the backbone to our families and to our societies. Vista resident James L. Lambert stated his case for traditional marriage in an article published in the North County Times. Using ethical appeal, he supported his claim in three major ways. His first would be bringing to our attention the distortion of traditional marriage made by Attorney General Jerry Brown and many other “No on Prop 8” supporters. It brings a negative view to the picture of a heterosexual marraige.

Lambert also mentions how our state constitution clearly defines marriage as “between a man and a woman”. In Utah, it is a common belief that if same sex couples are allowed to marry, then multiple partners should be allowed to marry as well. California already grants domestic partners rights that a state can grant to marriage. Prop 8 is not “anti gay” or “hateful”, it is simply defending traditional marriage, and institution that has stood for hundreds of years.



  1. Nice job over all. You wrote a good summary and mentioned the use of ethical appeal (something I forgot to put in my summary). I think you had a little grammar error in the sentence starting with, “His first would be bringing to our attention…” Maybe it’s just me though. Rock on!

  2. Awesome rhetorical analysis! Your writting really kept me interested and I was able to clearly understand who the writer was appealing to and what kind of appeal. You defended the argument really well providing it with great evidence along the way. Great job!

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